One on One Training

Private Instruction

Tell us about you and your child!

Private instruction can be just what a player needs to improve or a waste of time and resources.

For private instruction to be beneficial, the player must be self- motivated and have the mental capacity and skill level to make the time spent training productive. We do work with true beginners with the right attitude and also more experienced players looking for a winning day-to-day training routine based on fundamentals and quality repetitions. We do not work with players/families with unreasonable goals and expectations or those with a false perception of their child's ability. 



Private instruction is available from Frank Torre and Brian Justine and will take place at either Dwyer HS or Jupiter Christian School. To begin the screening process, please fill out the short form on the left side of the screen. If we end up not being able to serve you, we will try to refer you to another instructor in the area as there are plenty of individuals who will gladly take your money regardless of whether or not it will benefit your child.